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The Vaccine Hoax" style="font-size: 28px;">The Vaccine Hoax

Everything the main stream media tells us about Zika and vaccines is a total lie.  Listen to this entire interview and find out how massive that lie is.

A 5 minute video on vaccinations that says it all.

Beat Cancer Free Live 11-day Docu-series Event March 30th - April 9th

Former Salesman For Vaccine Maker Merck & Co. Wouldn't Vaccinate His Son

Nancy Banks on Vaccines.
You will never take another after hearing this!

CDC Whistleblower Admits MMR Vaccine-Autism Link!

A fantastic interview with a vaccine researcher on Sanitas Radio.

Vaccines are the backbone of the pharmaceutical industry.  Without them there would NOT be enough disease.

3 new borns died one year of hepatitis in one state.  Because of that, a drug company controlled law maker pushed through legislation requiring hepatitis vaccines for all new borns.  30 of them died because of the vaccine so they rolled out the plan nation wide.  

Did you hear that?

The introduction of the vaccine made the death rate go UP ten times what the non vaccination rate was so the government decided to make it a mandatory vaccination for the entire country!

Vaccines are genocide.

Vaccines are one of the biggest crimes against humanity. They are not given to protect us but rather to make us weak, stupid and sick so to be slaves to the Big Pharma medical system. 

 Most peoples reaction to that comment is, "what about the polio vaccine that saved us all from that horrible disease"?   

The truth is Polio like all viruses follows a bell curve and was 90% gone when the Salk vaccine was introduced. Polio reportedly died off after the vaccine was mandated.  

What you weren’t told is that Polio was following the same curve in other countries that DID NOT vaccinate and it ALSO went away there.  There was actually a JUMP up in the number of Polio cases in the USA after the introduction of the vaccine. 

After that anyone showing symptoms was then diagnosed with Meningitis rather than Polio.  It's all a big BULLSHIT production to engrain in the population a belief that vaccines are necessary to live on earth and if you don’t take them you are a horrible person.  

That couldn't be farther from the truth. The

CDC recently admitted that in 98 MILLION polio vaccines they gave out in the USA had
the SV-40 virus better known as the cancer virus in them.  SV-40  is suspected to be responsible for the vast majority of all
cancer currently in our population.  

Polio virus responsible for over 55,000 cases a year of Lymphoma.


Big Pharma is only here to make its share holders profits.  There is no profit in a cure.  Think about this, why, other than antibiotics which are slowly becoming useless, are there NO MEDICINES over the counter or prescription that CURE ANYTHING?

When a treatment is discovered that cures a dis-ease

The researchers are either bought off and given a non disclosure order or they remarkably die unexpectedly. 

Here’s how it works:  You are the CEO of a multi national Big Pharma conglomerate.  You have two labs working on a treatment for some dis-ease that a huge portion of the world population is going to suffer from. Probably brought on by some time bomb vaccine they got earlier in life.  One lab comes up with a pill that is patentable, costs fractions of a penny to make, can be sold for a high price. It will treat the symptoms of the dis-ease very effectively but the person has to take it for the rest of their life.  Very possibly it will have a slight “side effect” or two but your company has another medication that can be sold to treat that, which probably will have another side effect.........(you know where I am going).  

The other lab discovers a herb that anyone can grow in a pot on their front steps and if you make a delicious cup of tea out of it and drink it, you are cured of the disease for ever. 

Now remember you will probably make a $500,000,000 bonus plus many other perks if you reach your profit goals. 

Question: Which lab are you going to fund and which lab is going to explode with all the researchers unfortunately in it when it does?

It's amazing how many researchers die by strange circumstances.
Here is a partial list.

After the Salk vaccine was introduced it is estimated that 80 to 100 percent of
ALL POLIO cases were CAUSED BY the VACCINE itself.  But this was hidden because they changed the name to Septic Meningitis and other illnesses to hide it.  Introduce a vaccine, change the name of the disease and the
vaccine is deemed successful while another disease appears in the
population with the same symptoms.  

Did you know MERCURY POISIONING has the exact same symptoms as AUTISM?

It's a genius plan for Big Pharma to make 100's of BILLIONS of dollars while the news media turns a blind eye to the SCAM because
they survive on their advertising dollars.

It's the Change the name game and it works!

“The doctor was never taught in medical school how to take care of an immune system, so what you end up with is a whole society, from start to finish, that doesn’t know how an immune system works, that doesn’t know how to take care of it, does not know how to replenish the nutrients and minerals that are needed, when it fails, it’s God’s fault. We need a vaccine.
They think Mother Nature is flawed.”

The HPV vaccine is also a complete and horrible assault on the long term health of our children.  

There is no proof that it protects anyone form cancer and there is mounting evidence that it CAUSES cancer along with a host of other HORRIBLE ILLNESSES'.

Currently teenage girls are pressured to get the 3 shot series with the belief it will protect them from getting cervical cancer

Big Pharma is now pushed the CDC to start vaccinating boys and now they are pushing to give the vaccine to all infants at BIRTH! 

Japan has just recently discontinued
the entire HPV vaccination program due to major health concerns.

Here are 50 reasons NOT to vaccinate
your children.

An Italian court rules MMR vaccine causes AUTISM and the main stream lying media BLACKS OUT the story.

The down fall of civilization due to vaccines.

Gardasil HPV vaccine destroys ovaries.

If your doctor insists vaccines are safe have them sign THIS FORM!

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