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The Boston Bombing Hoax

We were all traumatized when we heard of the Boston Marathaon Bombing.  While in shock we all tuned into the MSM for our mind control programming.  They fed us a story and we bought it based on what was reported.  It was traumatizing. People at a marathon had their legs blown off and were killed.    However when one removes the emotional trauma based mind control and looks at the abundance of evidence,
A different picture evolves.

There were no bombs made from ball bearings and nails in a pressure cooker and nobody died or got injured.  It was all a staged false flag.

Stop just believing and look at the evidence.

The iconic picture of "Jeff Bauman" with both his legs blown off being saved by Carlos, the guy in the cowboy hat, was the big story on all the news stations.  It was all fake and scripted crap.  You cant survive from a wound like this even laying down on a stretcher.  

How fake does his blown off leg look?

Where is the blood pouring from his legs?  Why does Jeff look like he is looking forward to a slice of pizza or something?  Why isn't he writhing in pain or dead?  Where is the blood on the white bandage or cowboys clothing?

The official story says that when Jeff got in the hospital he positively identified the 2 bombers to the FBI in private.  Later the FBI apprehended the older brother, had him strip naked, handcuffed him and put him in a car and an hour later he was dead.  The second brother was apprehended after a huge gun battle.  The FBI said that he tried to kill himself by shooting himself in the throat.  It was later discovered that he never had a gun.  Then the next day after the search of the boat he was hiding in they miraculously found a confession note written on the side of the boat.

Less than a week after having both his legs blown off and positively identifying the two bomber brothers Jeff hoisted himself into a wheel chair and went into another fake victims room and gave her a birthday gift where this one photo was taken and published widely.  No interviews were given at this time.  A few days later he was secretly released from the hospital with no reporters around.

Does the "Jeff Bauman" from the marathon scene look anything like the "Jeff Bauman" in the hospital?   Hair color and type just to start.

Less than two weeks following the Boston bombing, Jeff appeared as a flag waving fan at a Bruins game.  There were no reporters or interviewers present.

Check out the guy in the gray hoodie setting up Jeff fake injury seconds after the bomb went off.

Where is all the blood from Jeff's blown off legs?
Why isn't it spurting all over that woman's white shirt and all over the gray hoodie guy?

On the left is Carlos the cowboy hat wearing rescuer who supposedly 
went straight to Jeff's aid and saved his life idly standing on the sidelines.

Keep an eye on the fat girl with the brown hoodie standing near the blown out window. 
 She is in charge of making sure things go right. 

Also why is the window blown out into the street 
when the bomb was on the street and it should've been blown in?

Why is Jeff the one with the biggest most life-threatening injuries laying there unattended 
while everyone else is getting assistance from fake rescue workers?

Blood is not that color.

Check out the fat brown hoodie girl standing next to the fence with her fat sister wearing a black jacket

On the left is a shot of the woman in the wheelchair getting set up for fake injuries by the guy in the red coat.
The shot on the right is a clip from a CNN video as she passed the camera 
for the emotional heart wrenching shot to make us all turn our logical thinking off.

These three people after getting into place were taken away on structures with their injuries.
The magical bomb somehow destroying their clothing without cutting their skin.

Justin look and use your brain, this is not possible!

Check out the gray hoodie guy who was setting up Jeff's leg, he's now a victim.

The girl sitting on the right had her clothes also blown apart with no skin injuries.
 Her legs at a closer look have fake prosthetic skin on them which is falling off.

The two fat sisters are still there organizing. Notice the lady bent over in the pink vest.
Notice the wall of people in front of and behind Jeff and the gray hoodie guy setting him.  
They are blocking any bystanders from seeing what's going on. 

Also notice in the front of the picture the photographer taking the picture with her pants falling down.

That brown sweatshirt girl still guarding. 
Carlos the cowboy hat wearing flag carrying rescuer still not rescuing. 
Gray hoodie guy getting himself into position for his fake injury.
Girl still sitting with the fake leg skin with nobody attending her.

Notice the old woman crawling into position with the blue jacket near the railing.

The guy with his black and green sweatshirt hold up is getting into position for the third time.
Notice the lady in the pink vest bending over on the right side.

Her name is Susanne Bump, she is the state auditor.

What kind of bandages are those? Where is the blood?  Don't you elevate injuries?

The two fat sisters change location. 
The one in the black jackets spots the person taking these pictures from the window and points it out to the organizers.

Looks like Susanne Bump is
talking to the fat brown hoodie girl.

After all her directing in the end fat sister #2 removes her black coat and pretends to be injured. 

Notice the woman in the blue jacket getting down to calling to her space near the railing.

This is not from the Boston bombing fake event.
This is from an exercise where they use amputees to simulate real and injuries.  
She's texting.

There is Susanne Bump the state auditor walking around making sure everything is going well.
 In the front the man in the red shirt with his arm out is some sort of director
 possibly telling the woman with the fake leg bandage that no more actors are needed here.

Here are two shots of what appears to be a fake kid.
Another impossible injury situation.

One can only conclude that the entire event is all about crushing the constitution with our permission.


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